6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business in 2020

As of 2020, Instagram has over 600 thousand users in Cambodia and with this number of users, it provides more opportunities for the high engagement of businesses to visually promote their products and services. Thus, there are fundamental steps and strategies to be followed for the Instagram marketing campaign. Below are 6 Instagram Marketing Tips that are best practice in 2020.

6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business in 2020

1. Create Visually Compelling Content on the Feed and Stories

For the content on your feed, a few ways you can achieve good content is by posting quotes and text-based images, behind-the-scene photos, instructional posts, short videos (limited to 60 seconds), or IGTV. Moreover, stories are vital to a great Instagram marketing strategy for connecting with your followers since stories last for only 24 hours on your profile, and they are expected to be more real than your Instagram Feed.

2. Create Great Captions

Good captions are equally important to convey your brand’s message. People usually tend to skip through long captions, therefore; all the important information should be on the first two lines.

3. Establish your Brand’s Look Consistently

Instagram is mainly focused on image sharing and every post must be consistent to create a common recognition of your brand to the followers. You can achieve it by using the same color scheme or filters on all your posts. A good option to create this consistency is to use Lightroom presets.

4. Utilize Instagram Search Wisely 

When you search a specific word on the Instagram search bar, the most active hashtag appears followed by the most active account. It’s a great idea to focus on these top profiles and include them in your list of the target audience. If you successfully do so, there are higher chances of your brand getting recognition from more users.

5. Partner up with Popular Influencers

The quickest way to reach potential customers is by partnering up with influencers who already have a wider reach. People will buy products from brands that are advertised by their favorite influencers.

6. Post at the Right Time

Over-posting on your business profile is a way to drive away your existing followers. The most ideal time to post on Instagram is from 8 am to 9 am and most people check on the app after they wake up or on their way to work and at 6 pm when they are on their way back home.

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