5 Mistakes Facebook Marketers Must Know!

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms for promoting your business online in this digital era since there are over 8.8 million users on Facebook nowadays in Cambodia. However, to enrich your marketing strategies effectively, you are advised to avoid these key mistakes. So, read below to find out 5 mistakes Facebook marketers must know!

5 Mistakes Facebook Marketers Must Know!

1. Don’t Use Facebook Group to Market Your Business

It has been generally mistaken about how to market the business by sharing the content on Facebook Group, aiming to get more engagement and reach. The problem is that the group is initially created for people, who have common interests and goals, not for a single brand. Thus, marketing your brand in this way, your Facebook Page cannot successfully reach its target audience and it can get blocked by other Facebook users.

However, it’s advisable for businesses to create a community group on Facebook with the aim of keeping your customers in your circle and sharing any content on your customers’ interest areas, which can indirectly promote your brands. For example, if you are running a coffee shop, you might share content regarding the benefit of coffee, coffee selection tips, how to find the best coffee, and so on. Sharing these kinds of content will not make your Facebook group’s members feel that they are in the product selling group, but they can get more general knowledge related to coffee.

2. Don’t Overshare Your Content

Oversharing on your business profile is a way to drive away your existing followers. Nobody likes a rush of too much content and it will annoy them. As a result, they will unfollow your page.

3. Don’t Share Irrelevant Content

Sharing irrelevant pieces of content will make your audiences lose their interest in your page and get confused about your services. Seriously, they will ignore your content or if it gets worse, they may unfollow your page.

4. Don’t Leave Your “About Us” Section Blank

It’s indispensable to organize the “About Us” section, by providing the basic information of your page and your contact information on your Facebook Page so that people, who are interested in your products or services, can learn more about you or make a purchase. In contact, if they cannot find more information about you on your Facebook Page, they will look for other services on any other available pages.

5. Don’t Over Use Hashtags

Ideally, you must stick to 5 to 9 hashtags per post because more than that seem to appear as a spam tactic which you want to avoid. To benefit the most from this tool, you must write interactive hashtags that are relevant and are specific to your target audience.

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