Jungle à Domicile is dedicated to providing various excellent options for people, who are looking for a wide variety of healthy plants, high quality made pots, and garden tools, with the aim of bringing you more relaxation and evergreen life at your office/house.

To inspire the concept of “Plants Bring Joy!”, we, Kouprey Creative Solutions, chose green as the main color choice to bring our designing concept to life. Especially, we made the brand uniqueness for Jungle à Domicile, by mixing the shape of the gardening house and plant imagery, which can be an eye-catching and recognizable symbol from its customers at the first glance. More importantly, the visual outlook of all the brand identity materials is to inculcate the concept of natural and environmentally friendly values.

• Client: Jungle Á Domicile
• Sector: Design | Plant
• Design: Logo + Branding
• Year: 2020

Team: Chetra, Syten, Vong, Thamny.

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