Vattanac Golf Resort is a luxurious destination in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the spectacular setting features of cultural expressions including scale models of famous Khmer historical architectural sites such as Angkor Wat, Preah Vihear, and Bayon. The golf resort equipped golf carts are a standard part of your experience and these provide state of the art support, which alongside our personable and well-trained caddies will assist you in navigating the undulating fairways of this immaculate course.

To brighten the value of its logo, our talented team strived to insert the four main elements—shield (representing power, protection, and safety), Kbach Angkor (representing Cambodia’s cultural identity), Khmer Alphabet “វ” (the initial letter of the Khmer name of Vattanac), and golf field. We embrace the psychological power of colors by using Green to represent the golf field with four lines in dark Green and light Green, and Blue to express the premium and high-end quality. Especially, to bring an attractive and outstanding outlook for its brand identity, we also generated other brand designs such as business card, sale folder, golf flag, umbrella, and invoice. We truly believe that our talents will brighten up this top-notch project.

• Client: Vattanac Golf Resort
• Sector: Sport
• Design: Branding
• Year: 2019

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