Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) Plc is a public listed company on Bursa Malaysia and a member of the Hong Leong Group, headquartered in Malaysia. The bank received its operating license from the National Bank of Cambodia in 2013, allowing it to serve businesses and customers in Cambodia.

Kouprey Creative Solutions was very delighted to enhance the brand identity for Hong Leong Bank, by designing a 2020 calendar. To bring the uniqueness for this project, our talented team was inspired by mixing the concept of Khmer arts and the notion of SAMPEAH (Salutation) in order to promote a Khmer traditional form of greeting and respect, which made it become more than just a normal calendar. Especially, the calendar also was mentioned in detail regarding the meanings of the five salutation forms including chest level, mouth level, nose level, eyebrow level, and above the eyebrow level.

• Client: Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) Plc
• Sector: Finance
• Design: Calendar
• Year: 2019

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