Gourmet Beverage Solutions (GBS) is an authorized coffee machine distributor for various international brands in Cambodia. Especially, to bring the high-quality and authentic taste of coffee blends to Cambodian coffee-lovers, GBS also selects dedicatedly only the best beans from different coffee varieties and origins, which were locally roasted by Cambodians to deliver the most optimal flavors.

To brighten the uniqueness of its brand identity, the design and visual outlook of packaging concepts were originally inspired by the storytelling of Cambodian people’s lifestyles and turning them into illustrator designs on the three packages, including the landscape of Kompong Phluk floating village, the signature noodle in Phnom Penh, and the overview of the coffee production industry. More importantly, this beautiful innovative coffee package is not only to preserve the coffee’s taste but also to protect the product from sunlight, moisture, and oxygen.

• Client: Gourmet Beverage Solutions
• Sector: F&B
• Design: Coffee Packaging
• Year: 2020

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