Big Tree Community Mall is a three-storey retail and lifestyle community mall with a focus on serving the local community. It has an expected catchment area of 3-4 kilometres and is designed to meet the growing demand for a modernizing and urban lifestyle that we are seeing across Phnom Penh.

To enlighten the concept of nature and modern lifestyle, we chose Green as the main color and the shape of the leaf as a symbol of nature on its logo. Additionally, we used Orange on its text because in the color psychology, Orange provides a sense of energy, dynamism, excitement, creativity, and enthusiasm. Thus, we strongly believe that our artistic team will be able to make its logo become more notable and memorable at the first glance. Besides, we also produced the stationery design for Big Tree Community Mall such as business card, envelope, letterhead, and so on.

• Client: Big Tree Community Mall
• Sector: Shopping Centre
• Design: Brand Identity
• Year: 2019

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