Bene is a wellness and vegetarian app, which is based in Japan and people can share vegetarian food and their healthy lifestyle content with other users on the app. Moreover, app users also can search for popular vegetarian products and restaurants.

It was truly exciting to work with Bene for renovating its logo outlook. Our artistic team designed two different types of logos for its general uses and App logo. To inculcate the vegetarian concept into users’ mind, we used two leaves with Green color to symbolize healthy and vegetarian food because Green color is psychologically well-defined as nature, freshness, and health. More specifically, to bring an attractive and memorable outlook for its logo, we were inspired by using alphabet “B”, which was the initial letter of BENE and combined it with two green leaves.

• Client: BENE
• Industry: F&B
• Design: Branding
• Year: 2020

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