8 Types of Social Media Content to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

No matter what type of content you post on social media, the end goal is to convert individuals to lead consumers. To do so, you must identify your niche and create content catering towards their needs and preferences while maintaining your brand image. There are a few types of social media content that help to engage people on the internet and ultimately influence them to purchase your product or avail of your service. Thus, it is advisable to consider 8 different types of content that will support your strategy.

8 Types of Social Media Content to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

1.  Produce Short Caption with Creative Graphic Design

This is one of the most common types of social media content which includes text, images, and specified information that the brand wants to provide in relation to what it can offer. Such content simply consists of product names, prices, and any information that might help the consumer understand the product’s offerings.

2. Video Content

The idea of video content marketing is to make engaging and attracting content for viewers to possibly turn them into lead customers. Video content creates awareness for your brand or product/service among potential customers.

3. Trending Content

Incorporating trending topics into your content strategy is a very impactful marketing concept that helps reach a larger audience base. The beauty of this concept is that consumers are already fond of the content that is trending, and all you need to do is blend it into your brand’s marketing strategy. Consumers are more likely to have a positive approach towards your brand if you produce content that the audience already loves.

4. Infographics

Infographics are extremely effective due to its ability to make the content informative and eye-catching. They tend to have a lot of data but in a confined space that makes it easy for consumers to grasp all the important details about the brand, product, or service. Besides, you can also request key influencers to share them on their social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

5. Livestream

Livestream on Facebook has gained a lot of exposure in recent years. It allows marketers to utilize influencers and promoters to create brand awareness as well as generate leads. It allows potential customers to engage with the brand promoter through comments. Besides, if people miss the live streams, they can be saved to be watched later. Any type of product or service can be promoted within the live stream and help to generate leads. Marketers may also use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live to promote their products.

6. Interactive Content

Interactive content allows people to engage with the brand in more ways than just likes or comments. This type of content is placed on social media platforms in the form of quizzes, contests, polls, and Q&As. When people are subjected to any content that ends with a question mark, it intrigues them to click on it and check for themselves what it’s all about. This is a highly effective way to make your content interactive. Buzzfeed is extremely successful with its interactive quizzes. Maybe it’s time for you to take one, and integrate the same strategy into your content marketing tools.

7. Educational Content

Educational content is a lengthy form of marketing strategy that enables brand exposure. What differentiates it from other types of social media content is its unconditional accessibility. To create effective educational content, you must include relevant real-life examples catering to your target audience. Moreover, the content should be simple and understandable so that the audience can actively engage with the brand.

8. Inspirational Content

This type of content refers to posts on social media that feature real people who engage in activities that correlate to your brand or product. The idea is to portray your brand’s authenticity through vision, values, and messages so that it creates a sense of trust among your potential or targeted customers. It’s a strong form of content that helps to create a connection between your brand and the customers.

Utilizing any of the above-mentioned types of content will lead to more conversions, an increased amount of website traffic, and certainly more followers. Moreover, that’s the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy so that it brings more loyal customers. Besides, it’s important to get creative with ideas and alter the mode of content to fit the audience’s liking. Unless you try it out yourself, you wouldn’t know what works the best.

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