How Food and Beverage Businesses Grow by Going Digital During the Pandemic

food beverage businesses going digital are growing

Although all businesses are hugely impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the hardest hit will be obtained by food and beverage businesses in Cambodia. They are subjected to a severe degree of impact due to limited resources and a higher level of vulnerability. Their businesses tend to depend on only a few months of cash flow, so a threatening situation like this can be catastrophic not only to the business owners but also to the employees. However, through the implementation of the following ways, food and beverage companies can still thrive through this global crisis by going digital.

How Food and Beverage Businesses Grow by Going Digital During the Pandemic

1. Partner with Food Delivery Company

A lot of food and beverage businesses have opted for delivering their products and services. Restaurants and coffee shops can continue to do their business by delivering food and beverage at the customer’s doorsteps or manage a curbside pick-up because it’s very convenient for your clients to order food online or through an application, especially for those who are frightening to eat out during the pandemic. The takeaway has become the only source of income for restaurants and cafes during this pandemic. But of course, if you plan to do so you must ensure that the delivery persons maintain all the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Provide Digital Payment Method

The digital payment option is increasingly popular during the pandemic and it has various payment methods such as banking cards, bank pre-paid cards,  e-wallet, and so on. Thus, it would be a convenient option for your customers to purchase your products online and make payment through digital payment or e-wallets to transfer money without handing over physical cash or person-to-person payment.

3. Generate Your Digital Presence

To get success in business, it’s required more strategies unless you will be in tragedy. Thus, you should figure out where your target audience is and if they are on digital media, it is time for you to push your business online. You should have a business social media page and prepare social media content to regularly update it to your audiences.

4. Plan and Implement Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s very vital to let your customers know that your business also exists in food delivery application so that they can easily make a purchase. Please bear in mind that your social media page is like a resourceful center for people to learn more about your products and services; therefore, you cannot solely rely on food delivery application alone. Food delivery application is more likely as a market or store that you can display your products while many of your competitors are also there. Thus, you need your own marketing strategy to make your products stand out.

5. Create Content to Show How Your Product Is Safe

To overcome people’s scare of getting infected by COVID-19 is to build trust by showing how safe and hygienic your food and drink are. Thus, it is advisable to produce any video or photo, which shows the process of your food and beverage preparation and makes sure that your process complies with the hygienic standard. After watching, if your customers feel unsafe, they will not buy your products.

6. Partner with Creative Media Agency

To achieve social media strategy, it is required more technical skills to produce videos, articles, photography, and graphic designs for posting on the social media page. Therefore, food and beverage companies can cope with these challenges by working with a creative media agency in Cambodia, which has its specialization in producing such social media content. Moreover, you can consult with a creative media agency to explore more about how to manage your social media project and how to reach your desired target audience.

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