10 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate Developers

Real estate in Cambodia has been growing quickly despite the interruption driven by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), and in this competitive marketplace, digital marketing is playing an important role in drawing the attention of the desired audience. To make your real estate company stand out among your competitors, you might have to generate digital marketing strategies that are more than just traditional marketing. Below are 10 digital marketing tips developers should know:

1. Fuel Your Social Media Presence/ Strategy

Following the trend of the audience is what all successful businessmen need to do. Thus, if your customers are on Facebook, it is more than important that your company needs to have that social media channel to connect your brand with your clients. More importantly, people now are very forward-looking for anything that they want to purchase. They will try to gather all information about real estate from different websites and social media channels before buying a property. Therefore. Taking into account that existing on social media channels is not just for communications but it is a place to show why they need to choose your products and services.

2. Establish Strong Online Presence with Google My Business

It is very important to establish your business existence on Google My Business, which is an effective and compulsory tool for your digital presence to be available on Google Search, Google Map, and Google Plus. You can list down all the detailed information of your business on Google such as phone number, email, website, address, open/close time, and so on. Thus, your clients will be able to explore more into your business as your business will normally appear in Google search results.

3. Create Stunning/ Mobile Friendly Website

Generally speaking, people consider the website as a very professional and reliable platform to learn more about your real estate in detail. Therefore, the website needs to be user-friendly and interactive so that when they click on your home page, they enthusiastically want to move to another page on your website.

4. Use High-Quality and 3D Render Images of the Project

Photography also plays an important role in brightening your real estate value. Without image, your clients will not be able to imagine and distinguish your uniqueness from your competitors. The photos must be produced in high quality and show the real picture of the property. Thus, the company should hire a professional photographer, who can greatly produce high-quality images of homes and architecture.

5. Consider Virtual Tour

To provide your potential customers the physical sense of your real estate project, you can create a virtual tour or generally known as “3D tour”, in which people can tour a home digitally on your business’s website before they decide to have a meeting with your company in person. More specifically, you can imagine this virtual tour as Street View on Google Map, but this is an inside house tour, in which people can zoom and pan around to see how the house looks like.

6. Produce High-Quality Video to Describe the Project Feature

An eye-catching video is everything for your real estate project. As seeing that without the sound of narration and beautiful videography, people will not be able to visualize how your project looks like. Also, it is a powerful technique to enable the general public to understand your project quickly and get more engagement and storytelling of your company as a whole. If you get stuck on how to produce a high-quality video, you can contact KOUPREY Digital via email: [email protected] or Facebook page.

7. Use Emotional Storytelling

Storytelling is a compelling tool to capture your audience’s interest and let them know what the value of your business is. Also, you can display your emotional storytelling on the e-book, blog post, and “About Us” page. Moreover, storytelling in real estate is a marketing strategy, which makes your customers get a sense of satisfaction with your brand and it encourages them to purchase your product because they feel related to your brand and company.

8. Use Heavy Social Media Ads

On social media, users are targeted by several features, products, and services. Therefore, it is more than important that you need to make sure that your product and social media posts are getting noticed by your target audience.

9. Thought leadership

Thought leadership article is an important platform to show your audience how much you are specialized in the real estate sector and within that template, they can get some useful and insightful information and idea. Additionally, it allows you to stay up-to-date with the real estate trend in the global business and you build more network with other people with your circle through their visit on your thought leadership platform.

10. Establish Branding Identity with KOUPREY Digital

To achieve all the above-mentioned elements, you need to take a step-by-step strategy because you cannot take a step to reach your final goal. Initially, what you need to do is to build your brand identity among your target audience. KOUPREY Digital can help generate all kinds of marketing elements including logo design, pattern, tagline or slogan, typography, business color, packaging, messaging, and social media post. With a combination of these elements, your businesses will be able to produce a new marketing strategy plan in order to attract new customers and to make existing customers feel belonging.